A student from the Music Program Department, major in violin, with the help of her professors, just recently got her research published and presented for Rangsit University’s International Research Conference 2020 (RSUSSH2020).

Exploration of Instruments’ Idiomatic Sound and Potential Through the Realization of Newly Created Arrangement of Piazzolla’s “Oblivion” was written by our ABAC fellow Nat (Natpynya Kosilp) alongside with one of Music Program teacher Dott. Alberto Firrincieli. It is about the arrangement of the piece called Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla, with a twist of using a weird instrument combination: harpsichord, violin, accordion, and tabla. (And if you want to know what a harpsichord is, we have two real ones in CL23!) Not only that, but this arrangement also added another surprising spicy twist – Indian scent – into this music.

The article has been written for a performance of the AU Ensemble (not everyone knows about this hidden gem of this group coordinated by Dott. Alberto Firrincieli and students from our School of Music). It consists of an Italian harpsichord player, a Thai violinist, a Chinese accordion player, and an Indian composer and tabla player. This arrangement was supposed to be performed in March 2020 in Thailand Cultural Center. Sadly, due to COVID-19, this performance has been postponed indefinitely. Good thing is – there is a research presentation for you to take a look for now, here. The paper will be published soon in pdf version, and a hard copy version; please stay tune for it!


Reference: https://rsucon.rsu.ac.th/2020/paper/1578

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