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Duration : 15 Dec 11 – 15 Jan 12


Martin de Tours School of Management & Economic students are advised to declare your major NOW! ;otherwise you will not be allowed to register major courses next semester without the approval from your prospective chairperson.

Note : Late Submission will not be accepted

Student should satisfy the following requirements:

1. Completed at least 55 credits,including 2/2011

2. Satisfy the GPA requirements of your desired major

Major declaration procedures are as follow:

1. Print your UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT at SM116.(A photocopy is acceptable)

2. Please pick up a MAJOR DECLARATION FORM,available at D6 (Huamark Campus) or at MSM0201 (Suvannabhumi Campus) and fill all the required information in the declaration form.

3. After you have filled all the necessary information and attached the UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT, submit your documents at MSM0201 or D6 for approval.

4. MAJOR DECLARATION FORM with approval must be submitted to MSM0201 or D6. Please tear the bottom of the form with the approved signature and keep it as evidence.

For further information, please contact :

MSM0201 : 02-7235137

or D6 : 02-3004543-62 Ext. 1125, 1138

Note: Please come back and check the declaration result. If approved, tear the ticket from the declaration form as evidence.


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